Classroom Computer Introduced Again to Lifetime With Linux

Readers of a selected age may possibly keep in mind the Good Response XE, a handheld pc produced for academic needs in all-around 2009 but due to the fact discontinued. Presently available quite cheaply as a final result (we have witnessed the opportunity to get a box of 32 units for much less than $300) they are becoming fantastic targets for experimental hacks. Ingenious hacker chmod775 has turned an XE into a fully useful Linux terminal laptop, as highlighted by Hackaday.

The NanoPi Neo Air within the XE's battery bay

(Impression credit score: chmod775)

The concept of the Sensible Response XE was that academics could compile a exam or other evaluation on a host Computer system (a Pentium 4 was expected, or an early Intel Mac) then distribute it to a fleet of XEs by way of IEEE 802.15.4 very low-power wireless, the standard employed these times in Zigbee and other home automation benchmarks. The XE almost certainly has much more processing energy than a Hue lightbulb, but its ATmega128RFA1 microcontroller and wireless transceiver unit is not precisely heading to run Crysis.

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